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Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders

Posted on: April 25, 2017

Recently the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia conducted the Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders in Greater Philadelphia Survey.  This survey was designed to gain understanding of the personal, regional and professional motivators of the area’s emerging mid-career professionals.  The survey yielded some interesting information about the professional lives of mid career professionals.  At Bellia, our mission is to increase the magnetism of the Tri-state area, the information contained in this survey is important in understanding ways to attract and retain top talent in the region.

There are three important factors when considering a new employer, particularly for those ages 30-39 .  They include company culture, opportunity to grow and work life balance.  

Company Culture

Often, when job seekers don’t take the time to learn about a company’s culture before accepting a job offer, they join a company that disappoints them.  Company culture plays an important role in whether your employees stay or go.  Your company must consider how it is perceived by potential and current staff.  Are you an organization that encourages collaboration and teamwork? How does your company get stuff done? Does your company stand behind strong core values that will appeal to job seekers?  

Opportunity to Grow

One thing that is really important to new and mid-career professionals is the opportunity to learn, develop and grow in their company.  While professional and formal training opportunities are important to potential employees, 90 percent of learning and opportunity happen on the job.  So, job seekers are looking for a management culture that supports learning and development.  Job candidates want to know that the person they report to is going to help them advance and grow in their careers.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is generally refers to the idea that employees need to do more than just work.  There needs to be a balance between work and other important parts of their lives including family, friends, community involvement, healthy living, etc.  Because potential employees rank this as something that really matters to them, it is important that your company values it. When employees are bogged down with work, it ultimately will create stress and unhappiness in their jobs.  Because many employees are motivated to succeed, they often lose a grasp on this balance, so employers can help them maintain a healthy balance by offering flexible scheduling, PTO and company sponsored family activities.  When those at the top are achieving and modeling a work/life balance in their own lives, it creates an environment where it is expected from all employees to do the same thing, contributing to a positive culture.

By focusing on these aspects of your company, it will raise the magnetism of the area. By understanding what potential job seekers look for in choosing a new employer, you can make sure that you have what they want.  Not only will it create an engaging and positive corporate environment, it will attract the best candidates to your company. 



To see the full infographic/survey resuslts visit the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce here

How You Can Help Raise the Magnetism of the Tri State Area

Posted on: February 21, 2017

Raising the magnetism of the Tri-state area is something that all businesses need to begin thinking about.  In the area, we have a number of top-notch colleges producing top talent each year, and we often lose these graduates to other markets. By investing in our businesses and promoting an area with a strong family-business presence, not only can we keep the top talent in the area, but we will attract top talent from other places to work here and fuel the economic development of the area as well.

Top Graduates–the Key to Growth

According to a recent study, the presence of young professionals in a region has a direct correlation to continued economic growth. The Tri-state area often loses its young college graduates to the bigger markets, so it is important to understand ways in which you can get them to choose your company before they get a job offer from a bigger market.  According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, the best ways to attract the best college graduates to your company is by getting your best and most recent hires to engage with potential recruits, tell the story of your mission, your culture and your brand through social media and make the application process easy and engaging.

Business–All in the Family

One of the greatest things about the Tri-state area is its rich tradition of family businesses. Family businesses are ones that through hard work, dedication and commitment to their employees have grown and thrived. But just because it is a business that has been in the family for generations, doesn’t mean that its interior has to look like that. Through strategic office design, you can give top graduates all the things they want in an office setting like collaborative work areas, touchdown spaces and an open floor plan.

Top Talent–Attracting them to the Area

While the Tri-state area has top grads that we want to keep here, businesses should actively be thinking of ways to try and get the best talent from all over to work in this area. When it comes to accepting a job offer, the biggest motivating factors are what they always have been: salary and benefits. But that’s not the only thing that appeals to top talent.  Having a strong company culture, providing continual professional growth and development opportunities and most importantly, they want a highly functional work environment.

Through strategic office interior design, businesses can increase the magnetism of the area which will fuel the area’s economy. So take a look around your current workspace and think about how it looks, how it feels and what it says about you as an organization. Is your space outdated? Could it be updated and refreshed? Is it open and inviting? By taking an honest assessment of your space and then making positive changes to it, your organization will help raise the image of the area creating stronger economic growth that will keep our graduates here and attract top talent to a premier place to work.


Attract Top Graduates

Attract Top Graduates To Stay & Work in The Tri-State

Posted on: January 10, 2017

Are you poised to attract top graduates? 2017 is the year that businesses begin investing in the future of the Tri-state area.

Did you know that in this area, there are a number of colleges that are continually producing top graduates in their respective fields, yet the Philadelphia area continues to lose this talent to the larger markets? As we look ahead, what steps can be taken to attract top graduates, refuel the business of the area and keep top talent working in the Tri-state?

Why is it so important to attract top graduates in the area? According to a recent study, the presence of young professionals in a city is the key to continued economic growth. Exploring ways that your business can entice the best talent to stay will ultimately help your organization reach its corporate goals. The Tri-state area has often had a reputation for its inability to keep young college graduates here, but that is beginning to change. Let your business be a part of that change.

Flexibility through Technology to attract top graduates

When looking for ways to attract top talent and have your business begin to pick up speed in the new year, think about technology. Technology, when fully integrated and optimized will bring a number of benefits and strengthen the fiber of your organization. For jobseekers, using company technology to allow for remote collaboration, video conferencing and other applications will support their desire for flexibility, comfort, and choice in their work environment. For your business to be running at its ideal operational efficiency, your technology systems must be updated and be adaptable to accommodate rapidly changing business systems.

Embrace the future to attract top graduates

The new year is a time of reflection on the past and goal setting for the future, ask yourself: is your company on track to continue growing? Think about your current workspace, is it a space that maximizes square footage while minimizing costs? Is your office design in line with your organization’s goals? Making sure that your workspace is designed to be flexible and adaptable leaves room for your company to change and grow in the future. By creating a space that fits the needs of top talent and current employees, your organization will have set the stage for growth because a well-designed and efficient office environment leads to innovation, creativity, and productivity. Focusing on maximizing operational efficiency through office design will minimize costs while protecting your bottom line.

Consider the Impact of Strategic Office Design to attract top graduates

So often strategic office design is seen only as a cost and not a driver of profitability. Make this the year that you consider making changes to your office environment that are in line with your corporate goals. The impact of a well-designed space will yield maximum results for your business and help revitalize the economic growth in the Tri-state area.

Serving other businesses within our community is important to us, which is why we are focused on making the Tri-State area more magnetic in 2017! We would love to hear how you are handling the changes in this changing economy, and how you plan to attract top talent to grow your business further.

Set Your Company Apart

Don’t Just Sit There! Set Your Company Apart With These 6 Tips

Posted on: January 3, 2017

Did you know that there are 79K jobs within the Greater Philadelphia area that are available? As job seekers search for a company to call their own, how are you positioning your company to stand apart from the rest? 

Set Your Company Apart with The Power of Social Media

Recruiting top talent is easier when your organization’s name is out there.  It is important to take stock in what sort of recruitment channels your company is using to find the best employees.  Often organizations limit themselves to their company websites and job boards to advertise open positions, but experts state that 86% of job seekers use social media in their search.  Social media is an effective platform to generate interest from top talent.  You can highlight employee accomplishments, showing just how your company values its employees.  Social media can also be used to show your company’s culture. Posting photos of your unique workspace or the ways your company gives back to the community will give top talent a way to understand the culture of their potential work place.

Set Your Company Apart with Branding

Not only is it important for a potential employee to see the culture of your organization through social media, but your brand should also be on display once you get them through your doors. Office design is a powerful resource to leverage your brand. When top talent enters your workspace, they will immediately make a judgement about your company just by the way your workspace appears. Is your workspace a place where people will want to work? Does your space convey a message about your brand and culture? Is your space inviting and engaging? As you think about your employee recruitment and retention strategy, make sure you include dynamic office design as a tool to attract employees.

How does your organization stand apart from the rest?

Once you get jobseekers through your doors for the interview, what do they want in a potential employer?

Set Your Company Apart with Work-life balance

One thing that is important to most jobseekers and current employees want is work-life balance. Companies that offer flexibility to achieve a work-life balance have happier, more engaged. employees that work for them. Happier employees are more likely to recommend your company to a friend. Not to mention that when employees are in a positive, work environment they are more productive, efficient and healthier.  When it comes to office design, a flexible office design can be achieved through providing a variety of spaces to collaborate, complete focused work and get their jobs finished in the best way possible.  By incorporating this flexibility into your space, it will generate added appeal to potential employees.

Room to grow

Are you a company that offers ways to mentor and educate your employees? Top talent wants an organization that will provide them with multiple opportunities for growth in the job that they do.  Current employees benefit from this as well because as your staff sharpens their skills and learns new information their work quality and productivity improves as well.

It’s All in the Experience

When your company creates a positive work space experience for top talent and current employees, it is positioning itself not only to get potential employees to accept the job offer but stay and grow with your organization for a long time. By using office design to create meaningful connections between potential employees and current staff to the mission and culture of your organization, your company will develop a strong reputation where everyone wants to work.

office design say

What does your office design say about your brand?

Posted on: December 13, 2016

Have you ever considered what does your office design say about your brand? You never get a second chance to make a first impression when it comes to the appearance of your office.  The minute someone walks through your doors, you have made an impression on them about who you are as an organization. The question is: are you making the impression that you want to?

What does your office say say about your company? Does it reflect a strong and active business? Does it present an image of efficiency and organization? Is this the place where goals are achieved?  When considering the details of your office design, it is important to consider that every inch of your space should reflect your brand, your company’s culture, values and core beliefs. Your office space should be one that tells your unique story and in telling that story your space will convey the message you intend to all who enter.


Before even entering your space, it is important to take a fresh look at what visitors will see before they enter.  Is it clean and inviting? Is it seasonally festive? Could you add decor items to make it more welcoming? If the first thing people notice before they enter your doors is an unwelcoming, poorly maintained entryway, it will certainly set the wrong tone.


Once people walk through your entryway into your lobby or reception area, they will immediately notice its appearance. Dark wood desks and chairs will signify a serious tone, but if not accented correctly with bright colors, it could send a message of cold and unfriendly.  Bright colored furniture and paint will portray your company as creative and vibrant While the appearance of all of the areas of your office are important, the reception area is critical because it is the first area where people will get a feeling for your business. Choosing furniture, paint colors, logo display and even plant placement must be done carefully because it will send a message about your brand, your culture and whether your business is perceived as a successful one.


Beyond the reception area, what is the design of your office floor plan? Traditional offices with private offices and cubicles will convey a message of seriousness and privacy, which may translate to clients and employees as unwelcoming, while an open plan, will emit a feeling of vibrancy, energy, creativity and collaboration.  It is also important to remember to take special notices to the smaller details that have a big effect on those who enter your space.  Is it organized and clean? Does the artwork reflect your values? These small details communicate that you are efficient and effective as a business.


Doors and lighting can make a difference in how your company is perceived. When a visitor walks into your space and sees glass doors, it immediately will bring to mind transparency.  Further your visitors will be able to clearly see your business in action. Is your office bright and well-lit? Or dark and dimly lit? Optimal lighting for your space will increase the energy and liveliness of the environment. Most offices bring the outdoors in by having plants throughout the workspace, make sure they are well cared for, nothing can send a more negative message than a plant which is beginning to wilt and die.  Again, it is the smallest details that make the biggest difference.

When designing your space, each paint color, piece of furniture and office plant should be there for a purpose because the appearance of your space should leave a lasting impression on all who enter.  The way you choose to create your interior will not only showcase the personality of your organization, but establish the perception of your brand and your organization.  When your company pays close attention to the details of optimal interior design, you will see countless benefits.  For staff, you will create a positive work environment and see increases in efficiency and productivity. For clients, you will strengthen their belief and faith in your organization.

Planning for the future

Posted on: November 8, 2016

Take a look around your office space.  Is your space placing you at a competitive advantage not only now but for the future?

When you think of office space planning in terms of future growth, words like adjustable and flexible should come to mind. By adding flexibility into your office design, not only will you be prepared for the future, but it will maximize the efficiency of your space and add up to huge cost reduction.  A recent survey stated that 51 percent of workspace is underutilized.  Because this waste is rather significant, it is important to evaluate your space usage and develop a workspace solution to support long-term growth and flexibility, profitability and employee recruitment and retention.

To add flexibility into your space try to take your open office plan to the next level.  Think about creating a space that allows for a combination of private offices, cubicles, collaborative areas and quiet areas too. This can be accomplished through design elements like movable walls and reconfigurable furniture, glass panels and offices to create more transparency and adding hoteling or bench seating. By incorporating these features into your space, there are two important benefits.


For a long time, the trend was to determine space per employee, which was a fixed amount of space.  As most companies have moved to an open office plan, the way space is defined has changed. No longer do your employees need (or want) a dedicated area, so the space per employee decreases dramatically leading to reduced corporate real estate costs.    


According to a recent survey conducted by Gensler, by creating a work environment that allows employees to the options of collaborative and solo working areas results in a high-performance workplace where employee satisfaction increases by an average of 12 percent.

Through strategic planning and evaluation of your space, you can create a space to reflect your changing needs as a company.  With these changes, employee satisfaction and productivity will increase and profitability will follow.

Planning Your Legacy – Prepare For Future Innovation

Posted on: October 26, 2016

Every CEO leaves a legacy behind, and while office design may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of your leadership goals, it plays a valuable and important role in defining the mark you will leave as a leader.

Research shows that the key to leaving a lasting legacy of success is to prepare for future innovation.  The best way to do this is by creating an optimal workspace for your employees and management to not only grow your brand, but to be highly productive and enthusiastic as they do so, and to have your space reflect your mission and values. It is also important to create an atmosphere where your employees, not only learn and advance, but genuinely feel invested in the company’s future and growth.

Look at your space through your employees eyes. Is your space a sea of cubicles that stifle inspiration and collaboration?  Is technology seamlessly integrated into your office environment? Through the use of creative interior design, you can leave your company in a position for future innovation and growth.

Planning for your company’s future will also bring an immediate return to your employees. By investing in their space, you are investing in them. They will recognize that their hard work means something and that you are creating a more suitable environment to spend their time. By making sure that your workspace suits your employee’s growth needs, and your company values, you’ve taken the first step. What does your workspace say about your legacy?

Contact us today so we can match your workspace to the legacy you plan to leave behind.

Collegiate Design: The New Driver for Workplace Design

When making the jump from collegiate to corporate environments, recently hired graduates are often “lost in transition.” 82% of them in fact. Not only are new hires baffled by the relevance of their physical space (“cube farms”), but also by the work styles expected of them.

In order to support the work styles of the newest workforce, collegiate design may influence the next evolution in workplace design. Corporations competing in the race for talent should borrow design and workspace planning concepts from institutions of higher education. This whitepaper from KI explains why collegiate design is the new driver for workplace design.

pdf-icon Download the whitepaper

Race For Talent: Communicate Company Values Through Design

Today it’s more critical than ever for organizations to attract and retain top talent, and one component that can be used for recruiting, but is often overlooked, is the workplace. It’s more than just desks and chairs. Research shows that the work environment accounts for up to 25% of job satisfaction. Offering workers an attractive package that includes fair compensation is one way to help keep workers satisfied. The next step is for organizations to invest in a well-designed workplace that communicates its commitment to company values and brand….

pdf-icon Download the whitepaper

How the CEO can help Reduce Distractions in an Open Office

About 70 percent of US companies have adopted an open office. The benefit of having an open office is that it maximizes space while keeping down costs, but the amount of distractions employees encounter often hurt productivity. To get the most out of your workday, have your staff try a few of these tips to eliminate distractions in your open office floor plan.


Computer sounds are a major source of interruption and are distracting for many employees.


Stagger your employees schedules and allow remote working capabilities. Besides creating a quiet office, flexible schedules are also viewed as a benefit amongst employees and new hires which will help you recruit top talent as well.


Noise cancelling headphones have become a must-have in office accessories.  By wearing noise cancelling headphones, it indicates that the employee is busy and doesn’t want to be interrupted, as well as eliminates background noises within the office.


This one may sound a little funny, increasing noise will eliminate it?  It actually works.  White noise (like a small fan running at your employees’ desks), makes conversations sound unintelligible to the listener.


Most companies who have an open office, have incorporated areas that are quiet zones.  This is a designated area for those that have an important task to be completed and do not want to be interrupted.

While there are many benefits to an open office, a recent study suggests that distractions have the potential to cause 86 minutes of lost productivity a day. Taking a few measures to eliminate distractions throughout your work day is important to achieve a productive, positive office environment.

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