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Laptop Computers and Ergonomics

Laptop computers were not originally designed for long-term use. But with all of the advancements made in technology, more and more people are using laptops as their main computers. Working on a laptop can put a user in some awkward postures. That’s why this paper will discuss ergonomic guidelines for setting up a computer workstation when using a laptop computer.

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ACE Ford

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Interiors Scope

Bellia stands not only on their seamless renovations and innovative design, but in
building and maintaining relationships with their clients. The Eastlacks, the owner’s of
ACE FORD, approached Bellia for a total renovation and redesign to their showroom,
offices, and lobby to keep them on top of current trends. Bellia not only came in under
budget while outfitting and redesigning ACE Ford’s entire facility, but worked quickly and
mindfully to ensure that the facility was in full operation while transforming the space to
the high standards of ACE Ford.

Customer Lounge:

The Eastlacks new showroom needed to represent the Ford brand while creating an environment that would help foster the relationship between salesman and client. With a clean and professional design the renovation not only came in under budget, but the space was transformed to meet the high standards of ACE Ford.

Sales Showroom:

Designing ACE’s new showroom required us to work quickly and mindfully to ensure that the facility was in full operation. Client’s are now greeted by a beautiful wood desk, surrounded by a large customer lounge area and cars to browse.

About ACE Ford

The Ace Ford organization, located in Mantua, NJ has been a family run new and used
car dealer and service station since 1913. As a fifth generation business, ACE is rooted
as a leader within the community and is continually trying to grow and improve their
business by making structural and policy changes to accommodate with the changing

Lacasse – Quorum

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Lacasse Quorum Information

The fruit of a thoroughly modern vision of what furnishings mean, the Quorum Multi-conference table collection redefines the limits of versatility. Whether you’re looking for conference tables, modular tables or tables for training applications, the Quorum Multi-conference collection provides absolute freedom of expression.