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4 Hot Design Trends in Education

Posted on: July 11, 2017

The world of education has changed in the 21st century, and classroom design has changed along with it.  Here are a four trends that are leading the way.

Flexible, Reconfigurable Spaces

Like the business world, schools are schools have moved away from traditionally designed classrooms and have adopted a flexible, open floor plan. Because students need to have furniture that can be easily rearranged and reconfigured as learning needs change during the course of the school day.  Research has shown that flexible learning environments have positive impact on student learning.

Breakout Spaces

Breakout areas in the school setting are small spaces located adjacent to classrooms.  Supporting the flexibility and adaptability of a space, these areas are used as alternative spaces for students to engage in small group instruction, collaboration work or individual work.

Incorporating Technology

Technology is an absolute necessity in order to create a 21st century classroom. Having reconfigurable and flexible furniture in the classroom can ease students’ interaction with technology.  Furniture that is also beneficial to integrating technology include tables with power and data ports, seats that can rotate and tables with markerboard surfaces.  Creating a versatile classroom environment will enhance and support innovation, collaboration and creativity.


Sustainability in school design has become a major focus. Schools want to use the most environmentally friendly materials so that the materials do not contribute to harmful indoor air quality or a negative indoor environment.  Having access to natural lighting and focusing on improving acoustics so that students have a comfortable and positive learning environment has become an important part of classroom design.

These trends highlight that in the modern day classroom, variety is really the name of the game.  This generation of students are more diverse and technology-immersed than ever before.  By providing students with a variety of spaces to learn by using a free-flowing open floor plan, adaptable, technology-integrated furniture and incorporating breakout spaces into your design will create a learning environment that enhances effective teaching (and learning) for students and teachers.

Welcome Ariane Sirizzotti

Posted on: January 31, 2017

Bellia Office is pleased to welcome Ariane Sirizzotti as our new workspace consultant. Bringing in-depth knowledge and experience in fiber design, graphic/web design, renderings and site plans and field surveys for design development, Ariane’s forward thinking vision to utilize layout and design will allow our customers to tell their story while achieving their corporate goals.

Working alongside Bellia’s team of in-house interior designers, project manager and the director of business development, Ariane Sirizzotti will support existing customers and new clients by providing innovative and customized interior solutions. With her understanding of the relationship between design solutions and achieving short and long term goals, Ariane will be a great asset to the Bellia team.

Ariane Sirizzotti

Attract Top Graduates

Attract Top Graduates To Stay & Work in The Tri-State

Posted on: January 10, 2017

Are you poised to attract top graduates? 2017 is the year that businesses begin investing in the future of the Tri-state area.

Did you know that in this area, there are a number of colleges that are continually producing top graduates in their respective fields, yet the Philadelphia area continues to lose this talent to the larger markets? As we look ahead, what steps can be taken to attract top graduates, refuel the business of the area and keep top talent working in the Tri-state?

Why is it so important to attract top graduates in the area? According to a recent study, the presence of young professionals in a city is the key to continued economic growth. Exploring ways that your business can entice the best talent to stay will ultimately help your organization reach its corporate goals. The Tri-state area has often had a reputation for its inability to keep young college graduates here, but that is beginning to change. Let your business be a part of that change.

Flexibility through Technology to attract top graduates

When looking for ways to attract top talent and have your business begin to pick up speed in the new year, think about technology. Technology, when fully integrated and optimized will bring a number of benefits and strengthen the fiber of your organization. For jobseekers, using company technology to allow for remote collaboration, video conferencing and other applications will support their desire for flexibility, comfort, and choice in their work environment. For your business to be running at its ideal operational efficiency, your technology systems must be updated and be adaptable to accommodate rapidly changing business systems.

Embrace the future to attract top graduates

The new year is a time of reflection on the past and goal setting for the future, ask yourself: is your company on track to continue growing? Think about your current workspace, is it a space that maximizes square footage while minimizing costs? Is your office design in line with your organization’s goals? Making sure that your workspace is designed to be flexible and adaptable leaves room for your company to change and grow in the future. By creating a space that fits the needs of top talent and current employees, your organization will have set the stage for growth because a well-designed and efficient office environment leads to innovation, creativity, and productivity. Focusing on maximizing operational efficiency through office design will minimize costs while protecting your bottom line.

Consider the Impact of Strategic Office Design to attract top graduates

So often strategic office design is seen only as a cost and not a driver of profitability. Make this the year that you consider making changes to your office environment that are in line with your corporate goals. The impact of a well-designed space will yield maximum results for your business and help revitalize the economic growth in the Tri-state area.

Serving other businesses within our community is important to us, which is why we are focused on making the Tri-State area more magnetic in 2017! We would love to hear how you are handling the changes in this changing economy, and how you plan to attract top talent to grow your business further.

Cumberland County Technical Education Center

Cumberland County Technical Education Center

Cumberland County Technical Education Center

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When Cumberland County Technical Education Center (CCTEC) was approved for a full-time vocational facility, they knew they needed a strong strategic partner to help them create an engaging space that would foster a relationship between the students and their education.

Working closely with Bellia, they were able to create an educational environment that would not only attract new students, but also engage student learners, boost their productivity, and provide comfort and flexibility.

Cumberland County Technical Education Center CLASSROOMS

Bellia outfitted CCTEC with innovative classroom environments that included multifunctional desks, so that students could work independently as well as collaboratively.

Cumberland County Technical Education Center STUDENT LOUNGE

In its design, Bellia used collaborative seating to encourage conversation between students and teachers. This bright and modern space makes it the perfect place for students to achieve study independently or collectively.


With crisp furniture lines, and tranquil colors Bellia outfitted the teacher lounge with a variety of dining options.  The addition of high top tables and lounge seating creates a calming enviorment for the teachers to enjoy their free period.

The Power of Coworking

Coworking evolved when the home office proved to be insufficient for freelancers, who require a productive, creative, and satisfying work atmosphere. As more people with ever differing values, technology, and work requirements seek workplaces, coworking spaces are poised to meet those needs—because it offers great potential for fostering innovation. But, where are the roots of this potential? How can they be transferred to different types of businesses?

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Laptop Computers and Ergonomics

Laptop computers were not originally designed for long-term use. But with all of the advancements made in technology, more and more people are using laptops as their main computers. Working on a laptop can put a user in some awkward postures. That’s why this paper will discuss ergonomic guidelines for setting up a computer workstation when using a laptop computer.

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ACE Ford

ACE Ford banner

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Interiors Scope

Bellia stands not only on their seamless renovations and innovative design, but in
building and maintaining relationships with their clients. The Eastlacks, the owner’s of
ACE FORD, approached Bellia for a total renovation and redesign to their showroom,
offices, and lobby to keep them on top of current trends. Bellia not only came in under
budget while outfitting and redesigning ACE Ford’s entire facility, but worked quickly and
mindfully to ensure that the facility was in full operation while transforming the space to
the high standards of ACE Ford.

Customer Lounge:

The Eastlacks new showroom needed to represent the Ford brand while creating an environment that would help foster the relationship between salesman and client. With a clean and professional design the renovation not only came in under budget, but the space was transformed to meet the high standards of ACE Ford.

Sales Showroom:

Designing ACE’s new showroom required us to work quickly and mindfully to ensure that the facility was in full operation. Client’s are now greeted by a beautiful wood desk, surrounded by a large customer lounge area and cars to browse.

About ACE Ford

The Ace Ford organization, located in Mantua, NJ has been a family run new and used
car dealer and service station since 1913. As a fifth generation business, ACE is rooted
as a leader within the community and is continually trying to grow and improve their
business by making structural and policy changes to accommodate with the changing

Lacasse – Quorum

Quorum Banner

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Lacasse Quorum Information

The fruit of a thoroughly modern vision of what furnishings mean, the Quorum Multi-conference table collection redefines the limits of versatility. Whether you’re looking for conference tables, modular tables or tables for training applications, the Quorum Multi-conference collection provides absolute freedom of expression.

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