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3 Design Features Your Office Needs

The design and furniture that create your workspace play an important role in productivity, employee morale, recruitment and retention and innovation. As new college graduates enter the workforce, you want your space to feel welcoming and create a culture that fosters collaboration. Most importantly, when top talent and potential employees walk through your doors, you […]

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Tips for Choosing The Best Office Chair

Want the Best Office Chair for your workstation? Many office workers spend the greater part of their days sitting at a desk.  Numerous studies have shown that sitting all day long can have negative impacts on the health and well-being of your employees.  By choosing a chair with well-designed ergonomics, that provide proper support while […]

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Higher Education Facilities

3 Design Trends in Higher Education Facilities

As Higher Education Facilities face continued pressure to attract the best students and faculty, they continue to find ways to use design to enhance their campuses.  Here are just a few of the current trends in higher education design. Multi-purpose Higher Education Facilities Facilities are the Key to the Future.  The single purpose building is […]

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under 40 award

South Jersey Biz 20 under 40 award – Anthony K. Bellia

We are excited to announce that Bellia’s President Anthony K. Bellia was recently recognized by the South Jersey BIZ on their 20 under 40 award. The list highlights accomplished young professionals who bring positive change to the South Jersey business climate.  Anthony is a passionate, hard-working and dedicated professional who understands and values the importance […]

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Rutgers Camden Nursing and Science Building: Video Tour

Would you like to tour the Rutgers-Camden Nursing and Science Building? Now’s your chance! View the 200,000 square foot, $62.5 million world-class research and teaching facility without leaving your seat by watching the video below! Want to learn more about the Rutgers Nursing and Science Building? Check out the case study.  

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Corporate Campus

The Corporate Campus: The Future of Workplace Design

In the past, the idea of a corporate campus brought to mind a series of various buildings that were disconnected. But as the idea of “campus” continues to evolve, companies are realizing that by having everything that your employees want and need “under one roof,” it will maximize productivity, support collaboration, drive innovation and reinforce […]

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make your office an asset

3 reasons to make your office an asset

Is your office an asset? Your workspace has the potential to be one of you company’s greatest assets.  Investing in your space will bring a number of benefits including employee retention, efficiency and productivity.  When you create a space that reflects your company culture and values, it will attract the best talent and make them […]

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4 tips to keep in mind when relocating your office

If you are planning on relocating your office, here are four tips that will help your move go smoothly. Plan Early and Well in Advance The planning stage should start 4-6 months before the moving the date.  Moving a corporate office can be stressful and overwhelming, so giving yourself plenty of time will allow you […]

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Furniture for the Classroom

Ergonomically Designed Furniture for the Classroom

The importance of Ergonomically Designed Furniture for the Classroom. In a recent study in the  International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics, they found that low desks and undersized school chairs are contributing to chronic back pain in adolescents. Over the past few years, the school furniture market has witnessed steady growth which has been […]

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Improving Patient Experiences

The Latest Trend In Improving Patient Experiences

As the future of the interior design of medical offices and healthcare setting trends towards comfort, the decor and furnishings in the healthcare setting have become an important part of improving the patient experience. Studies have supported the findings that the design of medical facilities can actually improve outcomes for patients. With just a few […]

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