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New To The Bellia Team – Rachel Dolente

Rachel Dolente accepted the position of A&D Market Manager for Bellia because she to shares Bellia’s mission of raising the magnetism within the Greater Philadelphia area. Over the years, Rachel has successfully integrated her education, networking experience, and work ethic to provide clients with exceptional customer service. She is passionate about engaging with the architecture […]

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Tips For Creating a Healing Healthcare Environment

There is growing evidence about the many benefits of healing environments that are designed around the needs of patients, family and staff. Healthcare organizations are changing the way they design spaces to provide more welcoming environments that reduce stress levels and promote healing in order to improve patient outcomes, increase staff efficiency and morale and […]

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3 Ways to Brand Your Workspace

Each year, businesses spend millions of dollars promoting their brands through advertising and marketing. While marketing your brand through advertising is critical, your workspace is also important in promoting your brand and the message you want employees and clients to receive about you. As you take a look at your current space, is it reflecting […]

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7 Tips For A Successful Office Renovation

An office renovation doesn’t need to be a stressful process. Here are seven tips for a successful office renovation.

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Can office design motivate and inspire your employees?

Every employer is looking for ways to boost productivity and inspire and motivate its workforce.  By doing so, not only will your improve your bottom line, but you will also create an environment that will attract top talent and help you business surpass the competition.   Recent studies have suggested that workspace can serve as […]

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4 Hot Design Trends in Education

The world of education has changed in the 21st century, and classroom design has changed along with it.  Here are a four trends that are leading the way. Flexible, Reconfigurable Spaces Like the business world, schools are schools have moved away from traditionally designed classrooms and have adopted a flexible, open floor plan. Because students […]

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Creating a Good First Impression – The Reception Area

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Because your reception area receives the most foot traffic from employees and clients alike, it is important that its design is welcoming, tells a story, creates a positive experience for visitors and inspires your employees.  It should immediately convey […]

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6 ways to create a happier workplace

6 Ways to Create a Happier Workplace Through Office Design

When it comes to employees, the happier they are the more loyal and productive they will be.  A recent study found that less than a third of workers feel engaged in their jobs.  One of the best ways to create happy and engaged employees is to create a workspace that they love.   Here are […]

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All About ABW (Activity Based Work Areas )

Take a look around your office, is the design meeting everyone’s needs? When a workspace is designed to suit the needs of your employees, your outcomes will be exactly what every organization is looking for.  Your space will maximize efficiency, increase engagement and enhance your organization’s brand and culture.  If you haven’t quite found an […]

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Biophilic Design

In the 1980’s, a scholar named Edward O. Wilson popularized the concept of biophilic design in architecture and interior design. Biophilia means love of life or living things.  As humans, we have an innate connection to nature and the natural world.  Biophilic design incorporates nature and natural elements into workspaces, improving the physiological and psychological […]

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