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Modern Classroom Design

Modern Classroom DesignBellia office interiors of South Jersey is your go-to team for modern classroom design professionals. We’ve worked with multiple universities and community colleges to establish state of the art, advanced classroom spaces that provide an ideal learning environment. Bellia can redesign your classrooms, create new classroom spaces, and help you with relocation, with furniture that is both comfortable and gives your classrooms and laboratories a modern, inviting appearance.

Modern classroom design is no longer about traditional desks and chairs. Today’s focus is on improving classroom performance, in an environment that enriches and promotes a positive personal experience for both teachers and students. A modernized facility that can adapt to changing circumstances, while designed to ergonomic specifications, creates an engaging learning space for all.

At Bellia, we can design classrooms and labs in your educational facility with multi-functional and adjustable desks, enabling students to study both individually or collectively. Our classroom designs include height-adjustable, easily movable desks and chairs that can be pushed together to enable a collaborative learning space. We create designs that make the most efficient and practical use of classroom space, encouraging conversations and healthy interaction between students and teachers.

We offer furniture in a wide selection of colors and styles, so you can maintain an attractive and cohesive look throughout your classrooms and labs. Throughout our modern classroom design plans, we use green materials and energy efficient systems. Our modernized design services extend to offices, administrative spaces, and lounges as well.

We invite you to view some of our modern classroom design case studies here. When you’re ready to transform your traditional classrooms into a more comfortable and effective learning environment, contact us and request a free design consultation. Trust the design team at Bellia…we’ll design and furnish a classroom space that takes your education environment to a new level!

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