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Our Approach to Office Furniture



Our clients’ visions and goals are our motivation for probing into the culture, style and nature of their people’s work space. Great consideration is given to our clients’ short and long term goals. With that in mind, we initiate a project interview to learn what each client is looking to accomplish with their particular situation. Design, style, brand, product options, productivity, timeliness and quality are a few of the issues addressed in our client project research. This problem solving approach, in addition to being a feasibility study, also identifies opportunities to enhance productivity and performance within budgetary constraints.

There is much more to office design than just the furniture itself. It not only impacts your employees and their output, but it also has a direct correlation to your return on investment. Instead of bringing Bellia in at the end to equip your office, it is important to contact us at the beginning so we can help you evaluate your space, breakdown what is most important to you and your employees, and help figure out the best way to represent your brand.


Bellia project managers are well versed in all aspects of the interior fit-up process and are trained to be fully conversant with professionals of all trades. They will assist with logistics coordination, scheduling, contracts management and general contract assistance, and project finalization. Project managers will work directly with the architect, builder, contractor, etc., in order to take some of the burden off of you and ensure everything is done according to the plan that we, Bellia and you, the client, have put together.



During a site evaluation, we will help you figure out what is most important to you in terms of space, furniture, flow, etc. Whether your main goal is to increase productivity, plan for future growth, or you’re downsizing from a previous space, we can help you make the most of what you have now and maximize your per person square footage and ROI.



At Bellia, our goal is to tell our client’s story through the design of their space, while at the same time, helping them to achieve their goals. For example, if your goal is to grow your company through new hires and customers, we will design your space to reflect that. We also want to be sure to communicate your company’s brand identity.

Design doesn’t just mean helping you to select furniture. It is a process that requires us to look at the entire space, use what we learned during the evaluation phase, and then put it all together into a plan that we can help to execute during the project management phase. Bellia will make sure the layout of the space, the furniture chosen, and the overall mood of the design reflects your company and all of the needs you’ve identified. We can work hand in hand with your interior designer or we can provide our own.


At Bellia, we work with a large network of furniture manufacturers. As leaders in the office design and furniture industry, we stay on top of trends and are aware of the latest innovations, so as we are sourcing products for your space we are not just taking into account the overall design and aesthetics, but also the needs of the client and how the pieces we choose will help them achieve their business goals.


During furniture installation, we will handle everything to ensure it is done as planned. We offer both union and non-union labor depending on your project requirements. Certified installers will deliver and install your new furniture in accordance with stringent installation guidelines and Bellia is available to you during the entire process.

measuring2MEASURE ROI

ROI Now that your space has been evaluated and designed, we’ve managed the project, sourced all of the materials and had everything installed, it is time to look back and begin to measure the ROI. We will follow up with you to help you measure the return on your workplace investment. We will look at the numbers to see how the renovations have impacted your corporate goals, whether that’s sales numbers, number of employees or workman comp claims, etc. You will see these numbers change shortly after your project is complete, but they will change more overtime. It is important to think about both longterm and short term goals when planning for a move or renovations. We will be with you throughout the entire process to guide you and keep things on track so you can focus on running your business.

With over 40 years in this industry, we know how important it is to build relationships with our clients, and it is important to us that you’re involved in all five steps. We want your new space to reflect your business and help you reach your goals.



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