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Pan American Academy Charter School

Panamerican Charter School exterior

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Pan American’s goal was to bring a fun and creative environment into the Administrative Offices, Classrooms, and Cafeteria. By coordinating colors, fabrics and finishes chosen by Pan American, Bellia was able to tie in an overall theme into each space and take the school’s atmosphere into a new learning environment.


Pan American charter school wanted an environment where children can learn and grow. Bellia introduced an array of colors for seating and multiple styles of tables for each classroom. The school was able to have a personality of its own while still maintaining consistency. With this concept, Bellia stepped away from the traditional desk and chair type classroom and moved towards a new,  fun, and engaging environment.

Computer Lab

Bellia provided Pan American with a clean open plan computer lab, along with wire and data management. Using height adjustable seats with casters allowed students to have full mobility and use of the entire work surface. While still maintaining a cohesive look with the other classrooms, Bellia was able to design a creative and efficient Computer Lab.

Administrative Office

Consistency was important in creating a space for the administrators, but storage and practicality was equally important. Bellia provided a solution, which involved matching colors and using desks with ample storage and space. By matching the finishes and fabrics to the rest of the school, the administrative offices fit right in with the rest of Pan American’s environment.

Quick Look

Location: 2830 N American St, Philadelphia, PA

Building Sqft: 67,079 Sqft

Architect: PZS

Photo Credit: Russell Carmody

Trends: Attract and Retain, Technology Integration, Real Estate Optimization

Solutions: Collaborative areas, Student Engagement, Furniture Renovations

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