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Wissahickon Charter School

Wissahickon Charter School

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Interior Scope

Bellia was asked to design classrooms, offices, and student common areas for Wissahickons new location. Working with Remington group, by integrating an array of colors Bellia was able to create an engaging environment for Wissahickon.


Each classroom needed desks to be adjustable, movable, and durable to accommodate the different student needs. Bellia used height-adjustable tables that have the ability to be pushed together to make a more collaborative surface for students to work together.

Private Offices

Efficiency was the key component when Wissahickon charter school began the designing the private offices. Each office needed to provide an origination to the staff members and provide a comfortable environment for the employees to work and meet in. Bellia worked with the color scheme provided by Wissahickon and used those elements to finish the overall look for each office.

About Wissahickon Charter School

The Wissahickon Charter School has been planned around three essential elements: an environmental focus recognizing the importance of active learning that allows students to experience the curriculum, recognition of service learning projects as a key element in students’ academic success, an emphasis on family involvement at all levels of the school organization, with special emphasis on parents as partners in the learning experiences of their children.

Quick Look

Location: 815 E Washington Ln, Philadelphia, PA

Client Owner: Stephanie Hernandez

Building Sqft: 23,000 Sqft

Architect: Remington Design

Photo Credit: Russell Carmody

Trends: Attract and Retain, Technology Integration, Real Estate Optimization

Partners: Remington Group Inc.

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