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Architectural Solutions

Modular Construction (Movable Walls)

Image of modular walls

Enclose – Clearly Inspired

Enclose is an architectural wall system with all the fluidity of furniture and all the presence of permanent walls. A clean, simple design provides a timeless look, while a 10-year warranty ensures the performance will last just as long. Sustainably designed to anticipate change, its moveable panels offer endless adaptation. It all adds up to a performance that’s so versatile, it surpasses conventional construction.


Enclose walls look like they were made to go with everything else we make-because they were. As part of Haworth’s Integrated Palette™ portfolio, Enclose can be combined with a wide range of desking, systems, tables, and other architectural products. Consistent dimensions, connections, and finishes future-proof your interiors, ensuring that the Haworth products you choose today will tie-in functionally and aesthetically with the ones you add tomorrow.

Enclose Frameless Glass – Simply Beautiful

enclose-frameless-1Made of frameless glass, these award-winning demountable walls provide a storefront option that can integrate perfectly with the rest of the Enclose system or stand on its own. A 10-year warranty promises years of solid performance, and highly recyclable materials make them a responsible choice.

With Enclose Frameless Glass, the possibilities for storefront designs are truly unlimited. Create endless runs of frameless glass using straight lines, variable-angle corners, or even organic shapes with faceted curves. Stop and start the glass exactly where you want, integrating with standard Enclose walls or seamlessly transitioning to conventional construction.

Trivati™ – Any Form. Any Function or A Sound Choice


Trivati is an elegant, architectural wall system that can be customized to your heart’s content. Its flexible tri-channel rail can be fitted with up to three layers of vertical insert panels letting you fine-tune aesthetics, visual and acoustical privacy, and budget room by room, while creating one cohesive look.

Trivati’s tri-channel design delivers the best visual and acoustical privacy in the market, earning even higher Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings than traditional drywall and other demountable walls. Integrated double-glazed door options maintain the integrity of the wall’s STC rating, protecting the acoustical privacy so the sound barrier is not compromised.

Raised Technology Flooring / Underfloor Air Distribution



Why TecCrete?

TecCrete raised access floor’s unique concrete and steel composite make it amazingly quiet and solid underfoot—use it bare for an architectural finish in work and learning environments. What’s more, TecCrete’s superior durability and full range of static dissipative and conductive finish options make it the right choice for data centers and equipment rooms. With available heights from three to sixty-eight inches, TecCrete accommodates just about any application today and in the future enabling flexibility in underfloor air, modular power, voice and data solutions. TecCrete provides an unprecedented level of convenience and adaptability—all in an access floor that doesn’t feel like one.


The Haworth Organic Workspace Solution can help support the building, your people, the environment and your company’s bottom line in the following ways:

  • Increased adaptability of products helps reduce waste
  • Reduces building footprint
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Provides healthy, productive built environments
  • Supports your goals with sustainable design
Leveling Uneven Floor

TecCrete with its height adjustable understructure and laser-leveling installation techniques ensures a flat, solid floor system on uneven slab conditions. This lays a great foundation for building modular walls and furniture giving total flexibility for future moves, adds and changes.


Why Tecnika?

Tecnika uses the same raw materials as a 1,000-year-old Venetian Cathedral floor. It is available in 21 beautiful standard colors, three different finishes (polished, matte and brushed finishes), and an endless combination of custom colors and patterns. The Tecnika system provides a surface so solid that most people don’t realize they are walking on a raised floor system.

Beautiful Environments

Tecnika, a beautiful Terrazzo raised access floor, enabling a truly flexible space in entryways, atriums and other focal point areas within a building. Tecnika creates a high end look yet allows full access to the building infrastructure under the floor enabling flexibility in underfloor air, modular power, voice and data solutions. Tecnika provides an unprecedented level of convenience and adaptability—all in an access floor that doesn’t look like one.

Underfloor air designed into a building with air diffusers in each work station allows the user to adjust the amount of air coming into their personal workstation by turning the diffuser to an open or closed position. This control in each workstation optimizes the office occupants comfort and maximizes productivity.

Fixed and Modular Millwork

Image of millwork

Modular Millwork

The mobility and flexibility of modular millwork is an option for exceptional growing and innovative organizations. Treated as furniture, clients enjoy the advantages of taking it wherever they go.

Neocase Modular Millwork

Neocase products are designed and manufactured to provide modular solutions that will endure intensive use in healthcare and commercial environments. Simple installation and reconfiguration makes Neocase cabinetry easy to move and rearrange as your facility needs change. By comparison, typical built-in laminate casework cannot withstand heavy day-to-day use or reconfiguration and begins to delaminate, break or fall apart in a much shorter time.

Cabinet Construction

Neocase uses precise engineering and quality construction materials to create casework backed by a limited lifetime warranty and 6-year warranty service. The construction features that make Neocase the market leader in modular casework include:

Case Construction

  • Cabinets arrive on the job site fully assembled.
  • Particleboard (3/4″) is used for all cabinet parts, including backs, cabinet tops, cabinet bottoms, and drawer bottoms.
  • All faces and edges of components are sealed to resist moisture infiltration.
  • Cabinet panels are joined using glue and dowel construction.
  • Plastic edgeband protects against impact damage and delamination. All edges are permanently sealed with 3mm plastic edgebanding on drawers and door fronts. The cabinet body has 1mm plastic edgebanding.
  • Leveling glides on all base cabinets ensure that cabinets can be adjusted to sit level on the floor.


  • A moisture-resistant substrate is used as a core on high-pressure laminate worktops to resist water absorption.
  • Available worksurface options include high-pressure laminate, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, and solid surface.


  • Steel-sided drawers can be more easily replaced or repaired in the field.
  • Ball bearing suspensions provide full extension on file drawers.

Concealed European cup hinges allow doors to open out 165 degrees for easy access to cabinet interiors. Neocase products are re-usable, and made from environmentally friendly materials, Examples include:

  • Printed decorative papers on our products use 100% water-based inks.
  • Heavy metals are eliminated from the ink pigments in our raw materials.
  • Through lamination and edgebanding, Neocase reduces core off-gas to less than 1 ppm.
  • Installation hardware is powder-coated (vs. plated) on many of our component parts.
  • Our packaging products consist of 35% recycled material.
  • All of our USA particleboard suppliers are “Green Cross Certified,” meaning their materials are 100% recycled and recovered from wood used previously in manufacturing board.

Neocase offers an optional substrate that contains no added urea formaldehyde.

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