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Office Interior Services

Office Relocation Services

Office relocations can be one of the most disruptive and stressful tasks undertaken by a company. There are numerous issues to address when moving which, if left to the last minute, can become difficult to handle and extremely time consuming.

Bellia can help. Our years of experience in dealing with relocation projects has prepared us to assist you with the planning process. Transportation logistics, furniture relocation, and verifying field dimensions are a few of the relocation services provided.

Office Inventory Management

Storage and warehousing can be provided by Bellia. We will work with you to determine the best plan for implementing a warehousing program based on your unique needs.

We physically transfer inventory and store all products from any of our regional warehouses. Products would then be used on an as needed basis within the individual region or redeployed to other regions as needed Product is inventoried by manufacturer, part number, finish, and quantity, making it easy to transfer the data into either CAD or other specifying tools.

Today’s workplace solutions will provide your firm with a useful life of several decades. We recognize your investment in furniture can be significant. Properly maintaining a useful inventory can save your company thousands of dollars every day. Most importantly, we strive to keep product out of the warehouse where it does you no good. We work to reduce your vocabulary of products as a way to maximize return on investment. We provide our clients with a simple web based solution to managing their existing inventory.

Project Management

The success of a project depends on a detailed list of important and interrelated tasks. These tasks must be scheduled in sequence and coordinated with appropriate resources. We are here to help. All of Bellia’s project coordinators are fully conversant in all aspects of the interior fit-up process and are able to interact with all trades on a professional level. They undergo frequent standards training programs for project managers to continually foster better equipped client teams.

Our project management staff can assist you with:

  1. Logistics coordination
  2. Scheduling
  3. Trades and general contact assistance
  4. Contracts Management
  5. Project finalization – punch list and corrective actions management

Offfice Design

The Bellia Design Department is an integral part of our project team. We will collaborate with your Interior Design or Architectural firm, or we can work directly on your behalf. Using all of the latest technology, our designers will work to create the space plans and specifications to provide the best possible furniture solution to meet all of your needs.


Bellia offers an effective way for clients, architects, and interior designers to interact directly in the design of any workspace project. This online collaboration gives each client direct access to Bellia’s designer and their project’s creation. Multiple users can view and comment on a live project from anywhere there is Internet connection. Clients are able to contribute to the design of their project or make alterations at every stage of its creative development in ‘Real Time.’

Real Time Design (TM) is a live interactive creative process proven to:

  • Eliminate confusion
  • Reduce stress
  • Track time
  • Provide reports
  • Save money
  • Improve client/Bellia relationships
  • Limit assumptions
  • Improve the clients’ experience
  • Put clients in charge of Bellia designers


We offer the highest level of installation services by demonstrating quality standards. We are able to offer both Union and NonUnion labor based on project requirements. Certified Installers will deliver and install your new furniture in accordance with stringent installation guidelines.

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